Security Shells InfoTech announces technology integration with Hanwha Techwin 

Security Shells InfoTech announces

technology integration with Hanwha Techwin



INDIA: 24th June 2022: iSecure (Enterprise Identity and Access Management Platform) from Security Shells InfoTech is pleased to announce its partnership & integration with Hanwha Techwin’s smart security manager (Wisenet SSM) & Wisenet edge analytics   based network cameras.

Hanwha Techwin is a global supplier of video surveillance products & its Wisenet branded cameras are the market leader due to its high performance, quality and  value. Wisenet edge analytics network cameras are integrated with iSecure platform using its popular integrated monitoring solution – Wisenet SSM.


Overview & Integration Purpose

Wisenet SSM is a one-stop, total video management software platform that maximizes the efficiency of Wisenet IP network cameras, recording devices and servers, whilst facilitating integration with third party systems such as intruder alarms and access control. Its modular architecture empowers operators to configure, manage and monitor large numbers of cameras and equipped with a powerful search engine, it offers a wide range of options to assist operators to quickly and easily retrieve evidential data.

iSecure is an enterprise identity and access management platform integrated with leading access control hardware platforms in the market. access control requirements like door access control, elevator access control, contract labor management, visitor management can be deployed using iSecure enterprise platform. Considering the physical security aspects, CCTV integration with access control is a major requirement as the outcome of this integration stores a digital surveillance proof during the access control event by an employee. This proves to be evidence for Audit purpose in the  future.

Integration between these two system’s required to monitor or handle the incident in minimal time frame. This will also reduce operator time to find out the incident details from central system while monitoring the physical security of the premise.



If any incident occurs in an organization or if any incident is to be traced during audit, the operator has to monitor the access logs in access control system and the CCTV footage as per the access transaction time line in CCTV application separately for mapping and to arrive at the incident correlation. This manual process is a tedious task for the operator. This leads to manual errors and this also leads to a security lapse for the organization.



iSecure is the central platform to monitor Access control with seamless integrations for CCTV, intrusion, Fire etc. system. iSecure platform is integrated with Wisenet smart security manager application (SSM).

The mapping of the access control door (reader) is thus secured with the respective Wisenet camera during configuration of the system.

For every access transaction by the employee at that respective configured door, linked incident footage against that particular door will get captured from the mapped CCTV camera and the same record will get available in iSecure platform against the respective employee access transaction.

Facility is also been provided to view configured Wisenet camera LIVE in the iSecure application itself. This helps the operator to do surveillance monitoring of a particular door centrally from the iSecure application.

Multiple operator logins in iSecure platform facilitates the monitoring of the physical security scenarios. prioritizing of the alarms, notification pop ups & over the email and SMS can be configured for efficient monitoring.


How Intelligent iSecure and Hanwha Techwin’s Edge Analytics Network Cameras integration works?

Joining Hanwha Techwin’s STEP application partner program is a great step forward to gain a lot from the membership program that helps partners with various development supports, SDK, and technological information as required by them to construct a stable security system based on Hanwha Techwin’s products.

iSecure platform uses the application programming interface (API) of Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet range of cameras to  activate the edge analytics applications. The iSecure application send the access control events to SSM application to  capture the footage against that particular event.

Hanwha Techwin’s compatible product list:

  • Q, X, P & T series network cameras
  • SSM Software


“We at SSI (Security Shells InfoTech) always believe in collaborative integration approach with various solutions to have a holistic Identity and Access Management solutions for its customers. Continuing towards this approach, we are excited to announce the integration of iSecure (Enterprise Identity and Access Management Platform) with Hanwha Techwin Solution platform.

This Integration will help system integrators and channel partners to propose unified solution to their customers. This will also empower the end-users to manage the Access alerts with CCTV footages and will help the customers during audits in case of incidents.

stated, Mahesh Chindhe, Head Technical & Product Manager, Security Shells.


“I am happy to announce Hanwha Techwin’s SSM and Network Cameras are now integrated with I secure platform. With this integration secured, I am confident that our valued customers can make more efficient utilization of having access control system seamlessly work with Wisenet products & solutions, thus believing in us as their one stop choice for an integrated network surveillance products & solutions.”

stated, Soumik Ghosh, Head of Product & Marketing, Hanwha Techwin, India



“At Hanwha Techwin, our endeavor has always been to work towards providing integrated security Solution which enables our customer in precise and faster decision making process, our collaboration with Security Shells Enterprise Identity and access management platform iSecure is a forward-looking step to provide Integrated security  solution to our customer.”

stated, Ajay Dubey, Country Manager, Hanwha Techwin, India



Media Contacts:
For iSecure

Mahesh Gavhane, maheshg@securityshells.com

For Hanwha Techwin

Soumik Ghosh, Soumik.ghosh@hanwha.com



About Security Shells InfoTech:

Security Shells InfoTech Pvt.Ltd.(SSI) is in corporate with a vision to provide identity and access managements solutions to its customers spanning in different verticals from industrial and manufacturing, IT/ITES, government and defense institutions, banks and financial institutions, logistic businesses, education institutions and the hospitality industry. For more information, visit https://securityshells.com/

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Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.