Hanwha Techwin Participates in Korea Int’l Boat Show 2018

Hanwha Techwin ,
Participates in Korea Int’l Boat Show 2018

Hanwha Techwin (President Youn Chul Kim) participated in the ‘Korea International Boat Show 2018’ from May 24th-27th at KINTEX in Goyang, South Korea.
Hanwha Techwin, Participates in Korea Int’l Boat Show 2018
One of Asia’s top three boat shows, the 11th edition of the grand event was the largest in scale in the show’s history. Hanwha Techwin, the sole global security company to participate in the exhibition, is Korea’s top video surveillance company and a global leader in the sector. With the rise of the marine leisure industry, Hanwha Techwin’s presence emphasized the importance of safety at sea and demonstrated maritime security solutions to minimize weather dangers and prevent accidents.
Hanwha Techwin’s main presentations at the event included stainless and thermal cameras and the functions of defogging and digital image stabilization (DIS).
Stainless cameras made with stainless steel are highly resistant to corrosion and acid even against the high salinity of seawater and humid weather, which makes them ideal for installation on vessels such as boats or yachts. Additionally their waterproof certification allows them to be useful in surroundings that are easily exposed to water such as vessels, harbors, ports or beaches.
Thermal cameras ensure precise monitoring of surrounding environments even in the middle of the dark ocean through infrared light to detect radiant heat. Due to little or no lighting at sea during nighttime, accidents can occur such as vessel collision with floating matter. Thermal cameras greatly reduce the risk of such accidents by detecting objects invisible to human eye through subject identification via heat detection.
In addition, the Defogging and DIS functions, both of which are essential to maritime video surveillance solutions, were also shown at the show. Defogging automatically corrects blurriness on screen caused by sea fog into a clear display. Hanwha Techwin also showed a live demonstration of image comparison of CCTVs with and without defogging function. Another superior technology demonstrated at the show was a function that stabilizes shaky video images of CCTV due to hull vibration.
Furthermore, Hanwha Techwin displayed its multi-directional cameras for use at harbors and ports that allow 360 degrees of full range surveillance with a single camera. Explosion-proof cameras that ensure safety even in explosion and fire-prone areas were also presented at the show.
A Hanwha Techwin source said that “Growth of the marine leisure industry requires the type of support that assures safety of vessels, internal and external parts of ships, harbors and ports. We wanted to present ourselves to related industries and customers and emphasize that Hanwha Techwin’s video surveillance technologies are crucial to maritime safety,” adding, “Total security solution know-hows including cutting-edge CCTV technology is being used in various ways around us. Since Hanwha Techwin has specialized products and solutions suitable for many different use cases, we plan to actively explore and open new markets.”
In addition, Hanwha Techwin recently delivered approximately 250 Wisenet series cameras to the leading passenger ship “City Lines” in Istanbul, Turkey. The company’s video security solutions have been hailed as optimal for vessel security and passenger safety.