Create a safer learning environments with Hanwha Vision’s security solution to focus on academic achievements.

Monitor safe arrival and departure of students, Entrance

Security monitoring for student arrival and departure
  • High resolution cameras monitor student arrival and departure, preventing suspicious persons from entering gates
Vehicle access management & vehicle information gathering
  • AI or ANPR cameras capture the information of entering and exiting vehicles and their license plates, providing quick search with AI NVR when necessary

Most common places for accidents, Hallways ∙ Staircase

Video monitoring optimized for long and narrow spaces
  • Hallway view provides real-time monitoring of situations in long and narrow hallways without loss of field of view
Intelligent audio analysis enables swift response to accidents
  • Detect screams in hallways, staircase, or nearby classrooms, enabling rapid response to accidents

Integrated monitoring and management of school security, Offices

Efficient and integrated monitoring of school premises
  • With Hanwha Vision’s integrated monitoring solution SSM, the school security personnel can monitor situations across the campus in real-time from security, faculty or night shift offices, rapidly responding to incidents or accidents
  • Keep video records for a desired period of time (this can vary depending on storage capacity) to be retrieved when necessary, while offering smart search from storage devices per date/time/event

Round-the-clock monitoring for Blind spots · Peripheries

Security monitoring to minimize blind spots
  • IR cameras offer real-time monitoring in clear images on a 24/7 basis
  • Rotational and 2CH (or more) multi-directional cameras minimize blind spots and prevent accidents
  • Detect abnormal sounds such as glass breakage or screams to enable rapid response by security personnel

Facility protection and accident prevention, Other facilities

Vivid images at backlight ∙ Low light environments
  • WDR provides vivid images in bright light conditions
  • IR cameras clearly identify persons entering facilities, even in dark or low light environments
Intelligent sound analysis for swift response to accidents
  • Intelligent sound analysis helps detect vandalism or screams to enable rapid response by security personnel
Intrusion detection and occupancy monitoring
  • AI cameras can detect unauthorized or after-hours access and send alarms for access control
  • Detect loitering or attempts to enter unauthorized or hazardous areas within campus to restrict entrance

Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.