[Wisenet mobile] What is Bookmark function?

A user can configure bookmarks for specific starting time locations of a stored video.
1. Please touch <external_image > button at the moment when you want to set the bookmark during replay of a searched video.
2. When Add of bookmark list pops up, after a memo on a bookmark is entered, push the button to store. Although you do not enter a memo, your bookmark is stored.
It is possible to register up to 100 MM bookmarks. If the limit is exceeded, you can delete some of them selectively.
3. When you want to replay a bookmarked video, move to Bookmark tab on the menu screen.
4. Select a corresponding bookmark from the bookmark list.

※ Control on bookmarked video replay is provided in the same way of searched video replay.
※ During bookmark replay, you can use the bookmark function once more.

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