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Social Contribution

Social contribution philosophy

Going further together

Hanwha has been building firm trust with the local communities under the founding philosophy of ‘contributing to the nation and society’ and the core philosophy of ‘trust and loyalty.’ Hanwha strives to fulfill social responsibitilies as a corporate citizen based on the philosophy ‘Going Further Together’ not ‘faster alone.’

Social contribution philosophy

Social contribution slogan

Social contribution philosophy

Social contribution Vision & Mission

Social contribution activities

Going further together

Hanwha Vision’s CSR programs, aimed at creating a happy tomorrow together, are categorized into eco-friendly CSR and local community service. The various programs under each category are run with the active participation and support of management and employees.

Environmental Clean-Up

Hanwha Vision conducts quarterly environmental cleanup activities with over 20 voluntary participants each time, four times a year, near the company building’s parks and frequent smoking areas near stops. Additionally, approximately 60 volunteers engage in trash collection around the factory every June for Environmental Month.

Donation of Goods

Every December, Hanwha Vision donates items such as groceries and daily necessities for the elderly, single-parent families, and others who are marginalized in the community to provide practical help.

Donation Ceremony

Each year, Hanwha and its affiliates, like Hanwha Vision, host a donation event for employees on the corporate anniversary in October. Revenue from donated item sales supports jobs and salaries for individuals with disabilities, fostering continuous opportunities for their complete independence.

Happy Table

Hanwha Vision, in partnership with the Seongnam Welfare Center for the Disabled, conducts twice-weekly meal delivery to homebound families with disabilities that have limited mobility to provide continuous and systematic support.

Year-round nutritious food support

Hanwha Vision has partnered with the Sujeong Jungang Senior Welfare Center in Seongnam-si to deliver side dishes to the elderly living alone once a week. We are also working to ensure their psychological stability and physical safety by checking in and communicating with them.

Seventieth and eightieth birthdays for solitary seniors in Seongnam

Every year, Hanwha Vision invites the elderly living alone in Seongnam-si who have reached their seventieth or eightieth birthday to the Seongnam Senior Center to celebrate with a meal and various performances.

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