Wisenet Hybrid Recording Solution for UK New Cross Hospital

Wisenet Hybrid Recording Solutions
For UK New Cross Hospital

Global security company Hanwha Techwin has installed an innovative Wisenet hybrid recording solution for system upgrades while fully utilizing the existing infrastructure at New Cross Hospital in UK.
Wisenet Hybrid Recording Solutions for UK New Cross Hospital

♦ Challenge
New Cross Hospital, run by the Royal Wolverhampton NHS(National Health Service) Trust is located in the Health Town district in the West Midlands, England. The hospital was originally built circa 1900 as a workhouse, turned into a modern hospital in 1970 and became the New Cross Hospital in 1994. It provides various medical services including emergency, maternity and neonatal intensive care, also the Heart and Lung Center opened in 2004 as the United Kingdom’s first purpose built specialist heart center.
New Cross Hospital’s video surveillance system is combined with analog and network cameras. It was set many years ago, and was time to upgrade the system with latest technology. They needed to find a security solution that fits both analog and network systems while providing large storage capacity, improved image quality and easy management. JKE Security, electronic security specialists, was invited to upgrade the system and Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet recorders were recommended as hybrid recording solution.

♦ Solution
The Wisenet hybrid recording solution has been installed at the New Cross Hospital. A total of 19 recording devices have been installed including analog recorders(SRD-1694) and network recorders(XRN-2010), and both can have large storage capacity up to 48 terabytes by having eight HDD slots.
The Wisenet HD+ DVR(SRD-1694) supports 16 channels and 2 megapixel real-time video monitoring and recording at 480fps. It transmits video and audio data up to 500m without delay by using a single coaxial cable. One of the biggest benefits for users is that its excellent compatibility allows both Wisenet HD+ and other general analog cameras which saves cost from system upgrade by simply adding or replacing cameras without additional cables.
The Wisenet NVR(XRN-2010) supports 32 channels and 12 megapixel video recording at 256Mbps. It offers 4K UHD high resolution monitoring and dual display which allows for users to monitor in different resolution conditions. By having H.265 compression and WiseStream(Hanwha Techwin’s own developed compression technology) support, bandwidth can be reduced up to 75% providing efficient storage management.
Finally, Hanwha Techwin’s SSM(Smart Security Manager) helped building an one platform video management by having flexible system integration and centralized data management with powerful search engine.

♦ Result
Paul Smith, the Trust security manager who is also a local security management specialist said “We looked long and hard for a suitable solution of integrating our older systems with newer network systems on the site. For us the best option came in the form of the Wisenet recorders and management software, and for the first time in years we are now able to view our entire system on one platform that is functional and easy to operate. All of our pre-existing cameras have been synced with the new software with the assistance of Hanwha Techwin and JKE Security Ltd. I look forward now to the next stage which will be to replace end of life cameras for the much more technologically advanced kit, which will enable us to use the smarter functions of the Wisenet software.”

Wisenet Hybrid Recording Solutions for UK New Cross Hospital

Hybrid recording solution
“The New Cross Hospital is not alone in having to carefully manage its budgets and with this in mind, the priority has been to install a hybrid recording solution which comprises a combination of analog and network systems. Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet recorders enabled the images from all existing analog and network cameras installed throughout the hospital to be recorded at the highest possible resolution,” said Dan Mather, director of Derby based JKE Security, and continued “The medium term objective is to provide the hospital with a complete end-to-end Wisenet solution incorporating the very latest video surveillance technology.”

Compliance with GDPR data protection
“Another important aspect of this project is that the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust wanted a recording solution which would be compliant with the new GDPR regulations,” said Dan Mather, “Having attended a 3 day training course conducted by Hanwha Techwin, we had the confidence to recommend the Wisenet hybrid recording solution to the Trust because of its complex password policy, strict access control to video data, high encryption security level and other features they put efforts in. The Trust IT team even conducted penetration tests on the equipment to ensure that any device going onto their network would not compromise its integrity, nor to potentially cause data breaches. The Trust was happy with that the Wisenet devices met their requirements. After successfully completed the first phase of the upgrade, we are looking forward to installing over 200 Wisenet cameras throughout the hospital in the near future in order to provide a powerful tool to end-users including security personnel and the hospital managers so that they can maintain secure and safe environment for doctors, nurses, office staffs and patients.”

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