Istanbul City Lines Ferries – Turkey

Wisenet Q, keeping passengers and vehicle safe For Istanbul City Lines Ferries

Istanbul City Lines Ferries - Turkey
“Wisenet came ahead of many other camera brands in respect of price, performance and technology”
– Cuneyt Danaci, IT Specialist, City Lines

♦ Challenge
The Wisenet video monitoring systems have been installed as part of a phased upgrade of the train fleet with engineering work having been carried out with the assistance of Atkins Rail, one of the UK’s leading rail design and engineering consultancies, who were commissioned by Angels Trains, the owners of the Class 180 Adelante fleet operated by Hull Trains.

♦ Solution
250 Wisenet cameras have been installed throughout 20 City Lines ships.
In addition to keeping a close eye on passengers, the cameras are also used to monitor the movement of 2,000 vehicles which are transported daily and are a valuable navigational tool for captains, as they enable them to view blind spots which cannot be seen from the bridge.
The majority of the 250 cameras installed are Wisenet QNO-7080Rs which are part of the Wisenet Q series. These 4 Megapixel bullet cameras have built-in IR illumination and are packed with innovative features such as H.265 compression and WiseStream, a complementary compression technology which dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression, according to movement in the image.
When WiseStream is combined with H.265 compression, bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 75% compared to current H.264 technology. This ensures the Wisenet Q series is one of the most bandwidth friendly camera ranges available.
The QNO-7080R also features Hallway View, True Wide Dynamic Range, Tamper Detection, Defocus Detection, and Lens Distortion Correction, to deliver optimized images in every situation.
Hallway View provides a highly effective way to monitor narrow vertical areas such as corridors, tunnels and aisles. It enables cameras which can generate images in the 9:16 x 3:4 aspect ratio, to work effectively in tall and narrow spaces

♦ Result
“One of the biggest factors in choosing Wisenet cameras is they do not have any problems in the environments we operate,“ said Cuneyt Danaci, IT Specialist for City Lines. “Equally important, whilst we did not want to compromise on quality, we needed cameras which had a high price/performance ratio. Wisenet came ahead of many other camera brands in respect of price, performance and technology and it is one of the reasons why we are thinking of working with Hanwha Vision on other new projects in the future.”

Istanbul City Lines Ferries - Turkey
Istanbul City Lines Ferries - Turkey
Istanbul City Lines Ferries - Turkey
Istanbul City Lines Ferries - Turkey
Partnership in trust is our success key
“We had worked with Hanwha Vision on other projects and we were confident they would be able to provide cameras which would be able to deal with the demanding conditions such as salty water vapor and a high level of vibration,” said Oguzhan Kahraman, Project Engineer, InfoMET Technologies. “The pre-sales team for Hanwha Vision in Turkey were extremely helpful and were able to recommend the best Wisenet camera models for each required camera location.”

Video Case Study

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