Hanwha Techwin, participates in SECON 2017, Korea’s most highly regarded security exhibition

Hanwha Techwin, participates in SECON 2017, Korea’s most highly regarded security exhibition & conference

Hanwha Techwin (President & CEO Lee Man-seob, Hanwha Techwin Security Business Group) participated in SECON (World Security Expo) 2017 at KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do from March 15 to 17.
SECON 2017 is one of the most highly regarded security exhibition & conference held in Korea. Major security companies from around the world participate and show off the latest in market and security technology trends.
Hanwha Techwin operated the largest booth at the event like it did last year, and featured a variety of new products and solutions that include its latest product introduced in 2017, the Wisenet X Series.
This year’s presentation featured experience scenarios that extend beyond demo videos and simple explanations from panels, allowing visitors to get a hands-on experience of the company’s wide range of products and excellence.
The product that received the most attention was the Wisenet X series, which was launched in January, 2017. The series was introduced to Korean customers through this conference.
Visitors were given the opportunity to test the products, allowing them to experience the major features of the Wisenet X Series including the industry’s best 150dB spec WDR (backlight compensation), shaking compensation with gyro sensors, and WiseStream Ⅱ.
Furthermore, a variety of future-oriented advanced security technologies ranging from ‘integrated management solutions’ with SSM, heat maps, people counting and other ‘video analysis features’ as well as ‘object classification technology’ based on Deep Learning technology were introduced.
There were also independent sections dedicated to displaying a wide range of product lineups for drones and B2C products, including home cameras, as well as sections introducing cybersecurity policies and partner collaboration technologies.
Hanwha Techwin expressed the company’s objective by stating “Hanwha Techwin plans to solidify its No. 1 position in Korea’s security market further with the greatest participation in SECON 2017. Furthermore, it will not settle for its current status and will continue to aggressively invest in its security business as a whole to achieve dominance in the global market through its advanced development and marketing activities.”
Hanwha Techwin, participates in SECON 2017

▲ Hanwha Techwin, participates in SECON 2017

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