Hanwha Techwin, Launches 16CH, 4CH Video Encoders

Hanwha Techwin
Launches 16CH, 4CH Video Encoders

Hanwha Techwin, a leader in global security, launches 2 video encoders(SPE-1610, SPE-410) that convert analog signals into network signals.
The new encoders convert analog camera signals into network signals, allowing flexible system operation that utilizes existing infrastructures. By supporting up to 16 channels(SPE-1610) and being able to transfer videos to a single IP address, license costs can be reduced through VMS compatibility.
As the system is capable of automatically detecting analog HD signals such as AHD, HDTVI, HDVCI, and those from conventional NTSC cameras and converting them into network signals, it is easy to expand and convert the system into a network system by using existing coaxial cables.
Furthermore, it is capable of implementing video controls such as panㆍtiltㆍzoom and remote angle adjustment using existing coaxial cables without the need for additional cables.
The system also supports motion detection and alarm service for tampering. It notifies the user about of situations where unnecessary movement is detected or the camera angle has been physically changed so that the user can promptly respond. Users are also able to conveniently check video images through a mobile app (Wisenet Mobile) or using Hanwha Techwin’s solution (SmartViewer).
Hanwha Techwin stated that, “We expect a high demand for this product as it reduces costs in establishing network systems by utilizing existing analog systems, gradually converting them into a network system.”

한화테크윈  16채널, 4채널 비디오 엔코더 2종 출시(SPE-1610, SPE-410)

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