Hanwha Techwin launces 5CH PTZ plus Multi-directional camera

Hanwha Techwin,
launces 5CH PTZ plus Multi-directional camera

Global security company Hanwha Techwin launches a five-channel PTZ plus multi-directional camera (PNM-9320VQP) which applies a PTZ camera to a 4CH Multi-directional camera.
This product is specialized for city and wide area surveillance by placing the PTZ camera at the center of the Multi-directional camera, which is capable of 360° omnidirectional monitoring, for detailed monitoring through a mutual link system.
The 4CH Multi-directional has a line-up of a total of eight compatible lenses, including five 2-megapixel lenses and three 5-megapixel lenses. Users can select a lens according to the environment. If abnormal behavior is detected from one of the cameras, then the video is automatically handed over to the PTZ camera (2-megapixel, 32x zoom) located at the center. The PTZ camera tracks this video to offer zero blind spot monitoring.
Another advantage is the simultaneous monitoring capability through the fast transfer of real-time videos to users with strong multi-streaming performance. The camera also supports various types of video analysis features like motion detection, loitering detection, or facial recognition.
Hanwha Techwin’s WiseStream II proprietary video compression technology maintains high-quality resolution while significantly reducing data size to increase the efficiency of system operation. It also reduces license costs using one IP, even with five channels.
It also acquired IP66 dust·water resistance certification and IK10 impact resistance certification. Privacy areas can also be set up to enhance the privacy feature, allowing all-weather video monitoring, even if installed outside.
“Smart city surveillance is possible with just one camera by combining the PTZ camera and the multidirectional camera to add high-resolution·high-magnification video monitoring, abnormal behavior detection, and auto tracking functions in addition to omnidirectional monitoring,” Hanwha Techwin said.

Hanwha Techwin launches 5CH PTZ plus Multi-directional camera_PNM-9320VQP

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