Hanwha Techwin attends “IFSEC 2019” in Europe

Hanwha Techwin,
attends “IFSEC 2019” in Europe

Hanwha Techwin attends “IFSEC 2019” in Europe

– Showcasing smart solutions such as Smart City, Retail, and Transport utilizing its cutting edge technologies

Global security company Hanwha Techwin (CEO Yeon-Chul Kim) participated in “IFSEC 2019,” Europe’s biggest security event held in UK from June 18 to 20 and showcased its latest video surveillance solutions and products.
‘IFSEC’ is an annual security event in which more than 27,000 security professionals from around 110 countries gather to share up-to-date trends and technologies in video surveillance.
During the exhibition, Hanwha Techwin teamed up with its partners to present smart solutions which utilize cutting edge technologies in verticals such as smart city and retail, further strengthening its position as a global leader in video surveillance.
Many cities around the world are actively pursuing to become smart cities. In line with such trends, Hanwha Techwin has demonstrated a key solution essential in building them. Among the exhibited items, the Automatic Incident Detection (AID) Solution, deployed on Wisenet X cameras, was developed by combining the expertise of Hanwha Techwin and video data analytics expert Sprinx Technologies to offer traffic event detection on roads or tunnels and enable swift responses. In addition, the company also presented the ANPR solution that uses license plate recognition to quickly locate vehicles involved in traffic infringement and a solution that supports Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and deep learning to distinguish cars and people.
After showcasing the smart city solution in the public sector, video surveillance solutions for smart retail were introduced as well, as customers’ needs for smarter video surveillance solutions are rising in the private retail sector. Hanwha Techwin introduced the Wisenet Q mini series, recently launched retail-oriented solution, for the first time in the European market. Integrated with Business Intelligence features, the cameras not only provide general monitoring but also valuable marketing insights to store managers. It analyses various store information such as the number of customers, popular products, and visitor timeline and produces useful reports for store managers to devise management strategies. The camera grabbed the industry’s attention with its super-compact size (99mm) ideal for installing in retail stores.
In recent years, more countries are mandating CCTV installment in public transportations. The transport solution Hanwha Techwin presented during the show supports Digital Image Stabilization and Hallway View, which reduce motion blur caused by vibrations common in buses or trains and optimize images by creating vertically oriented video even in long and narrow interior of vehicles.
On top of these solutions, Hanwha Techwin also presented various product lineups of Wisenet X, P, Q, and T series, along with personal information protection solutions and relevant technologies catered to the region where the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in effect across Europe.

An official at Hanwha Techwin said, “As the trends in the vertical sectors (Smart city, retail, etc) are increasingly well defined, customer needs have grown more sophisticated as well. Hanwha Techwin will continue to stay ahead of these trends and strive to provide video surveillance solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.”

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