Hanwha Tecwin launches Wisenet X NVRs in 8K super-high-resolution

Hanwha Tecwin launches
Wisenet X NVRs in 8K super-high-resolution 

Global security company, Hanwha Techwin, unveiled three new Wisenet X series NVRs that support the industry’s first video playback and recording of up to 8K super-high-resolution images. 8K recording can cover large areas with sufficient pixel density to allow operators to zoom in digitally and investigate image details in real time or forensically, and still retain a clear image.  
The new NVRs in the Wisenet X series (XRN-6410DB4/ XRN-6410B4/ XRN-3210B4) offer a total of 160TB (Terabytes) of available SATA HDD recording capacity, a bandwidth of 400 Mbps, and enable efficient management of large media files. The NVRs will be available in 64 channel (XRN-6410DB4/ XRN-6410B4) and 32 channel (XRN-3210B4) configurations and support simultaneous playback of all channels. 
New UI/ UX features greatly enhances convenience, allowing users to configure events and alarms of all channels or edit each channel from a single page. Users can also mouse over video and images for preview, making video and event search from multiple channels easier than ever. 
Integrated with Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet P series AI cameras, the new NVRs support deep learning-based AI search (such as person, face, vehicle and license plate) and Dynamic Events. This increases the efficiency of event management through the automatic detection of new events in Wisenet cameras without the need for additional add-ons. 
“The new Wisenet X series NVRs demonstrate our industry-leading technological power by offering superb quality images of up to 8K super high resolution with precise and efficient monitoring through an integration with AI cameras. The new UI/UX makes analytics configuration across all channels easier and faster then ever before,” says a source at Hanwha Techwin. “8K gives organizations an amazing capacity to digitally zoom into large coverage areas without loss of detail.” 
For more information, please visit Hanwha Techwin’s homepage at www.hanwha-security.com

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