Hanwha Vision launches high-performance AI PTZ Plus cameras

Hanwha Vision, the global vision solution provider, has unveiled two new high-performance AI PTZ Plus cameras, the XNP-C9310R and XNP-C7310R. These cameras leverage AI for rapid zoom and focus to enable greater situational awareness and quicker response times.

AI for Quick Zoom and Focus

Quick Zoom is a fast zoom movement, powered by an AI engine, that enables operators to rapidly see specific details of an unfolding event, which is particularly helpful in high-traffic areas – for example within cities, or during large public gatherings. Quick Focus complements this, using AI and pre-stored information to provide faster auto focus of a frame. When a face, person, or object is detected, the camera automatically calculates the distance between the device and object, to rapidly adjust the focus and provide clear images.

Powerful AI analytics

AI-powered video analytics, carried out on the camera itself, improves operational efficiency and enables rapid forensic search through accurate object detection and classification (of people, faces, licence plates, and vehicles). Video analytics can also alert teams to loitering and line-crossing, helping to secure pre-defined areas and reduce the risk of trespassing. In addition, AI-based auto tracking makes it easier for operators to track objects or people of interest continuously with target locking.

The cameras also come with AI-based bandwidth reduction feature, WiseStreamIII, which assists with video management and provides cost efficiencies without compromising image quality.

Clear and precise

Operators benefit from the cameras’ high resolutions of up to 4K, an adaptable IR of up to 300 metres, and a large visual sensor of 4K 1/1.8” that delivers bright images, even in low-level lighting. Teams can easily monitor details and vast scenes with ease, thanks to the expanded tilt range and precise PTZ control.

The cameras perform effectively in challenging weather conditions, including storms and snow, thanks to the Spin Dry and Heater functions that can shake off water and melt ice to maintain visual clarity. In addition, an Inductive Sensor accurately detects the camera position with no cumulative error during long-term operation.

Next-Level cybersecurity

With the XNP-C9310R and XNP-C7310R, organisations have added peace of mind with Hanwha Vision’s gold standard cybersecurity. Features include TPM 2.0 for encryption, and Secure Boot, to ensure cameras load using trusted software. Hanwha Vision also has an in-house Security Computer Emergency Response Team (S-CERT), that are entirely focused on addressing any potential security vulnerabilities in its product.

Hanwha Vision has a long-standing commitment to cybersecurity, with full National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliance, as well as alignment to the upcoming European directives: the Network and Information Security Directive 2nd edition (NIS2), and the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), that aim to enhance cybersecurity across the bloc.

Easy install

The cameras are designed to be simple to install, making it quicker to get a video network up and running, therefore saving time and costs. The cameras have just one port and one cable to connect, adding to their ease of use.

Discover more about the new AI PTZ Plus range here.

Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.