Hanwha Techwin employees’ idea exhibition, “Inside-Techwinner” season 2 completed

Hanwha Techwin enhances strength in video security market based on employee’s creativity

Fanalists of ‘Inside-Techwinner’ Season 2


On November 16th , Global video security solution company, Hanwha Techwin notified the operation of ‘Inside-Techwinner’ season 2, which is great opportunity for the employees as they can promote business idea and get involved in proceeding their business idea

As global competition gets more rapid and modern high technology competition such as AI gets deeper, ‘Hanwha Techwin operated exhibition in order to find winning solution from internal experts.

Inside-Techwinner season 2 began in September and 15 teams participated to suggest various ideas such as Multi-spectrum filter grafted camera, Piezoelectric element utilization technology, Smart watch synchronization solutions which are considered as unfamiliar but creative ideas in video security industry.

Especially, an idea that aims to enter new market by integrating hyper-spectra special filter and Hanwha Techwin’s video technology received great feedback as it was new opportunity targeting exhibition’s purpose. In addition, connection solution idea between smart watch and CCTV originated from employees’ field experience and therefore received great feedback.

Every idea from exhibition gets votes from Hanwha Techwin employees and only one idea gets chosen after executive board’s review. The final team gets support of required infra resources and financial support from Hanwha Techwin to proceed their project.

Hanwha Techwin will continuously proceed exhibition to provide the employees opportunity to present their creative ideas with no limit

Soon Hong Ahn, the CEO of Hanwha Techwin said “The ideas from Inside-Techwinner season 1 from last year achieved great achievement as they provided great insight to the business and got extended to product line-ups. This result led to this year’s season 2 and I hope continuous opportunity can innovate Hanwha Techwin’s organization culture in a good way. Finally, we will keep supporting employees’ to present their creative ideas”

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