Hanwha Techwin unveils three explosion-proof camera models

Hanwha Techwin unveils three explosion-proof camera models

Hanwha Techwin, a global supplier of security solutions, has released three explosion-proof camera models (TNU-6322ETNU-6322ERTNO-6322ER) designed to operate safely even in hazardous industrial locations with explosion and fire hazards.

Three newly unveiled explosion-proof cameras prevent explosion triggered by any internal or external factors, ensuring safe operations at high-risk industrial facilities. TNU-6322E/6322ER models feature 360˚ endless panning and 180˚ tilting, which enable wide-area surveillance of every corner of a large industrial site. Swing, Group, Tour, and AutoRun modes allow monitoring in multiple directions without any blind spots.

The 2MP high-quality resolution delivers sharp and clear image quality, and the powerful 32x (4.44 ~ 142.6mm) optical zoom lens captures capturing everything with sharpness without losing detail even in industrial or hazardous areas. The long-range IR illuminator built into the TNU-6322E/6322ER models allows night-time surveillance at a distance of up to 200m.

The embedded WiseStreamⅡ technology effectively reduces the data size while maintaining image quality, enhancing security and data management efficiency. In addition, the cameras are IP67 certified water and dust resistant and IK10 certified vandal-proof, securing stable operations at any location.

“The new launch completes the explosion-proof camera line-up” said the product manager from Hanwha Techwin. “It ensures robust surveillance to safeguard hazardous environments against fires, gas poisoning, etc. triggered by flammable gas, dust, and other toxic materials, he added.

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