Hanwha Geoje Belvedere Premium Resort – Korea

Wisenet Selected by a Premium Resort to
Safeguard Guests and Resort Facilities

Wisenet Selected by a Premium Resort to  Safeguard Guests and Resort Facilities

“We can focus more on other important security tasks as the monitoring workload is reduced thanks to the Wisenet’s innovative security solutions. In addition, its reliable data storage enables us to handle guest complaints, protect valuable hotel assets and increase our credibility among visitors.”
– Security Manager, Geoje Belvedere

♦ Challenge
Located in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do province, South Korea, ‘Geoje Belvedere’ is a premium hotel & resort established by Hanwha Hotels & Resorts in October 2018. Its name Belvedere means ‘beautiful view’ in Italian, and one can say that it lives up to its name by presenting rooms with fantastic scenic views of the beautiful Geoje ocean. Befitting its premium brand, the resort hoped to build a reliable security solution for day & night monitoring to guarantee round-the-clock security for its guests without damaging the hotel’s elegant interior design. At the same time, it was important to enhance managers’ work efficiency and level of convenience, as well as improve system integration in order to provide effective monitoring and security for such a large-sized resort.

♦ Solution
To fulfill its clear security objectives, Hanwha Vision’s video surveillance solution was installed across the resort’s condos, lecture halls and hotel, which incorporated 430 units of Wisenet cameras including 300 XND-6080 dome cameras providing 2MP high resolution monitoring. Designed to perfectly blend into surrounding interiors and exteriors, this network dome camera is equipped with a Hallway View, providing effective monitoring for the resort’s long corridors without any image cutoffs. Additionally featuring the 150dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), the dome device supports clear, clean video monitoring in allcircumstances.
Around 40 units of XNO-6080R IR bullet cameras were installed in the hotel’s gardens, outdoor parking lots, and gateways. With intelligent video and audio analytics, this innovative camera can detect and send an alarm to the security personnel for an immediate response to an urgent events, strengthening security levels in case of an emergency situation. Featuring a cutting-edge handover function, the network, camera and the PTZ camera, which supports the handover function can be integrated to conduct intensive monitoring by auto-tracking a moving subject. It removes any blind spots when an event is detected, making it especially useful in large areas. Furthermore, through its defog function, the camera automatically enhances fog-induced blurry images, which means brighter, clearer videos are always available despite harsh outdoor conditions.
A total of 20 units of XNP-6330RH cameras, featuring 33x optical zoom, were also installed. The cameras were mostly most placed outdoors or high above, such as outdoor swimming pools, outdoor terraces, sky pole, VIP observatories, gardens and driveways etc., since they are used for clear, precise monitoring across long distances. The built-in IR LED clearly identifies subjects up to 350m away, even in light-deprived areas, providing effective image monitoring even in the dark.

♦ Result
Hanwha Vision’s Wisenet security solution enabled Geoje Belvedere to achieve the highest level of video surveillance monitoring that matches its reputation as a premium resort. “With the installment of Wisenet’s comprehensive, intelligent video security solutions – the XNP-6330RH and the XND-6080- we can monitor the premises day & night without worrying about blind spots. Thanks to the superb cameras, employees can focus more on other important security tasks as the monitoring workload has been reduced. Also, since we can now build up and store data reliably through Wisenet solution, handling our guests’ complaints and protecting valuable hotel assets has never been easier. I can confidently say that our credibility among visitors going through the roof.” said Geoje Belvedere’s security official.

Wisenet Selected by a Premium Resort to  Safeguard Guests and Resort Facilities

PRN-4011 NVR
In addition to the various video security cameras already set up, the Wisenet PRN-4011 NVRs have been added across Geoje Belvedere resort. This NVR supports up to 64 channels, capable of simultaneous monitoring of large housing facilities such as hotels, studio accommodations and apartments. Its H.265 and Wisestream – Hanwha Vision’s unique compression technology – can manage storage capacity by reducing bandwidth by up to 75%, depending on levels of video movement. Additionally, the Smart Search allows for a quick subject search based on event conditions even through a massive amount of data.
Wisenet Selected by a Premium Resort to  Safeguard Guests and Resort Facilities

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