Public Health

Pandemic of COVID-19 has more than changed the way we live our lives. Get WISE to the post COVID-19 new norm with Hanwha Vision’s COVID-19 Solution.

Occupancy Monitoring Application

Easily monitor public spaces to maintain safe occupancy levels

Real-time Occupancy monitoring
Wisenet Occupancy Monitoring Application combines 4K , 2MP camera with people counting, an edge-based AI video analytic, to precisely monitor the occupancy level.

This application displays a red ‘Wait’ message along with the number of people currently inside to help customers conform to social distancing policy when the maximum occupancy of an area is reached, When numbers are below the threshold, a green “Welcome” message is displayed.

Temperature Detection with Thermal Camera

High accuracy with AI deep-learning technology

TNM-3620TDY camera can quickly screen high body temperature, which is one possible symptoms of COVID-19, helping contain the pandemic.

The camera utilizes built-in AI deep-learning technology to detect the human faces and generates alarms for only humans, making the monitoring more precise and efficient.
This camera is a bi-spectrum camera with visible and thermal imaging together. So users can use this camera to quickly screen high temperature with a thermal camera and can recognize the object (who the person is) with visible camera.

  • Bi-spectrum : QVGA thermal & 2MP visible sensor
  • Built-in 4.7mm fixed lens (thermal), 4mm fixed lens (visible)
  • Two temperature detection modes: Estimated Body Temperature Mode & Normal Radiometric mode
  • Face and temperature detection analytics

Face Mask Detection​

Protect staff and visitors by identifying uncovered or partially exposed faces

Identify uncovered face mask or mask spoofing
Wisenet AI camera is ideal for object detection and classification using attribute analytics. Face Masks are now part of the attribute metadata for a forensic review. Wisenet Face Mask Detection can detect if people are wearing/not wearing a face mask in real-time. If a person enters an area without a face mask or improperly wearing a face mask and provide notification to compatible VMS/NVRs.

  • Detection accuracy is not affected by hats, glasses or head scarves.
  • Detect multiple faces simultaneously
  • Generate instant alarm (Customizable audio alarm)
  • – Compatible with VMS (Wisenet SSM/WAVE, Milestone, Genetec)

Social Distancing Detection​

Effectively comply with the social distancing guidelines by monitoring the proximity of people in public spaces

Monitor the proximity of people in public spaces with deep learning AI solution

With Hanwha Vision’s Wisenet P series AI cameras, social distancing checks became easy and accurate. Cameras placed in key locations throughout a facility or outdoor space detect distancing violations (violations of preset distance) and trigger an instant event alert on connected NVR/VMS. They can also send out instant alarms to the objects through speakers or other alarm devices connected to them.

  • High accuracy with edge-based deep-learning AI video analytics
  • Supports easy and simple configuration through web viewer
  • Detect multiple people simultaneously
  • Generate instant alarm (Customizable audio alarm)
  • Can be used simultaneously with face mask detection and occupancy monitoring

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