Shilla hotel – Korea

Wisenet Line-up, For Establishing an Integrated Management System with Faster Network System
Shilla Hotel - KOR
“Its integrated monitoring software allowed us to easily manage existing analog systems, new network cameras, and storage devices together without any compatibility issues.”
– Director of Security Department, The Shilla Seoul
♦ Challenge
Established in March 1979, The Shilla Seoul consists of the main building with approximately 500 rooms in 26 floors including 23 above ground floors and 3 basements, the Yeong Bin Gwan and duty-free shops. As a member of LHW (Leading Hotels of the World) along with the world’s best hotels, the Shilla Seoul has been the leader of Korea’s service industry by successfully hosting numerous state guests and international events.
The Shilla Seoul was in need of replacing its existing analog systems with a network. As the trend of the security industry was quickly switching from analog to network, it was crucial to prevent any inconveniences to the guests while preparing against potential human or property losses and minimize risks to ensure comfortable and worry-free stay for the guests. To achieve this goal, the highest priority was to establish an integrated management solution that integrates and manages the existing system as well as high-resolution video quality through a network.
♦ Solution
PTZ cameras SNP-6200 and SNP-6201H were installed inside and outside of the hotel lobby to facilitate monitoring large number of the people and vehicles entering and leaving the hotel. Thanks to full HD high-resolution video quality and maximum of 20X optical zoom, SNP-6200/6201H offers accurate monitoring of the area even from long distance The compact, interior dome-type SND-6084 were installed inside the hotel, including corridors, to blend with hotel’s decor and structure and minimize discomfort for the guests. The SND-6084 is a part of Hanwha Vision’s Wisenet III product line, boasting stable compression and transfer of high-resolution videos with full HD. It supports P-Iris for providing clear video of objects both in short and long distances, allowing quick response to potential accidents that may occur indoors. SND-6084 were also installed in the hotel lobby area, which posed a challenge as objects were not clearly distinguished in backlit situations caused by outside lights. However, SND-6084’s WDR feature resolved this problem and enabled clear monitoring even in lighting conditions. SNO-6084R were installed in the hotel parking lots and areas that required monitoring at night. SNO-6084R is equipped with IR LED for providing clear picture even in low light or dark conditions.
♦ Result
The safety management personnel at The Shilla Seoul said “We are very satisfied that Hanwha Vision’s high-resolution network cameras provided high-quality images and its integrated monitoring software allowed us to easily manage existing analog systems, new network cameras, and storage devices together without any compatibility issues.” He also expressed willingness to prioritize the industry-leader Hanwha Vision’s services and products on any future product or system upgrades.
Optimal outdoor performance
Especially, the SNP-6201H equipped with an integrated housing is IP66 certified for strong resistance against environments, offers optimal performance in outdoor installations and was therefore installed outside of the hotel where monitoring was required.
Shilla Hotel - KOR
SNO-6084R in the parking lot
SNO-6084R is also IP66 and IK10 certified for dust and water resistance, minimizing concerns on weather conditions with fine dust or external damage.
Shilla Hotel - KOR
Shilla Hotel - KOR
Integrated management system
In addition to upgrading security cameras, The Shilla Seoul was in need of efficient and integrated management of existing analog cameras in the hotel, duty-free shop and parking space with the upgraded network cameras.
Therefore, Hanwha Vision proposed establishing an integrated control center, capable of managing security cameras, disaster conditions, and machinery in an integrated manner to enhance overall monitoring and management efficiency. Hanwha Vision’s integrated management software SSM was installed to connect and manage analog and network products in an efficient manner, while achieving the optimal monitoring conditions by monitoring every aspect of the building such as disaster prevention and machinery through a single monitoring system.
Shilla Hotel - KOR
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