Hanwha Techwin’s ‘MENA Region Optimized Solutions’ Shine at Intersec 2018

Hanwha Techwin’s
‘MENA Region Optimized Solutions’ Shine at Intersec 2018

Hanwha Techwin on Jan. 21st showcased its ‘MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Region Optimized Solutions’ at Intersec 2018, the leading business platform for the security and safety sector in the MENA region and beyond in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Reflecting the cultural features of the MENA region, the company’s booth under the theme of ‘Find Hanwha Techwin’s Hidden Core Tech Treasure’ consisted of △Core Tech Zone, △Product Zone and △Solution Zone. The booth’s communication lounge and meeting room provided an out-of-the-box experience to visitors, along with in-depth consulting on Hanwha Techwin’s core technology and solutions.
The company focused on three optimized solutions at Intersec Dubai 2018: △Vehicle Stitching Solution, △Remote Device Management and Monitoring Solution, △Integrated Parking Management Solution; all of them are optimized for the MENA region’s business and lifestyle.
Vehicle Stitching Solution, featuring the MENA region’s robust trade through sea lanes, that has three cameras on both sides and top providing one continuous image after taking multiple image shots from each side. It allows customers to see a long container image in one view. Hanwha Techwin utilized a model to demonstrate how it works in the actual environment and provided a video footage showing how the real solution is implemented to help visitors better understand its solution.
Remote Device Management and Monitoring Solution, the most optimized solution for the MENA region given the vast deserts there, enables efficient wireless video recording using mobile modems. The operator at the main control center can monitor in real time numerous remotely installed devices covering long distances to check status including connections and events.
Integrated Parking Management Solution provides license plate recognition with a vehicle’s image records from both sides (left and right), front and back for precise detection of scratches on a vehicle. The system’s strength is providing strong admissible evidence in vehicle damage disputes that frequently occur in metropolitan areas of the MENA region, including at luxurious shopping malls and hotels.
Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet line-up Series P∙X∙Q∙T, along with the company’s main product lines for 2018 of thermal and stainless-steel cameras, also gained keen attention from visitors at Intersec 2018.
Hanwha Techwin stated that, “I’m so proud that our exhibition, based on the cultural features of the MENA region and our locally optimized solutions, not only attracted business clients from the MENA region but also from other countries as well. Our core technologies left deep and strong impression to visitors as a treasure of security.”
Marking its 20th anniversary this year, Intersec is one of the world’s leading security and safety expos. More than 1,000 global security companies take part in this annual showcase to display the latest products and solutions. 

About Hanwha Techwin
Hanwha Techwin (formerly Samsung Techwin) offers reliable video surveillance solutions to meet the current and future needs of security professionals. Based on optical and image processing technologies accumulated over 30 years, we have solidified our leadership position in the field of security solutions by developing and manufacturing cutting-edge security systems. With our leading brand Wisenet, Hanwha Techwin will be continuously strengthening its development and marketing investments in the security business for future growth. 
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▲ Photo of Hanwha Techwin at Intersec 2018

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