Hanwha Techwin presents Smart & Safe City Solutions at ‘SECON 2018’

Hanwha Techwin ,
presents Smart & Safe City Solutions at
‘SECON 2018’

Hanwha Techwin showcased its security solutions for Building a Smart & Safe City at the ‘International Security Exhibition & Conference 2018 (SECON 2018)’, an Asian leading security event, taking place at KINTEX in Korea from 14-16 March 2018.

▲Hanwha Techwin presents Smart & Safe City Solutions at ‘SECON 2018’

With the company slogan “WE MOVE with trust,” Hanwha Techwin aims to deliver the core spirit of the brand ‘Wisenet’ which values customers’ trust the most. Also, the presented products and solutions by Hanwha Techwin impressed visitors at the event by meeting customer’s needs.
Its core technologies including Wisenet 5 chipset are presented at the Core Tech zone, and the Wisenet series which had successful global launching in 2017 are presented at the Product zone. Experience opportunities are introduced with various vertical solutions at the Solution zone.
The Solution zone providing industrial, city, residential, transportation and other vertical solutions gathered the most interests from the customers visiting Hanwha Techwin’s exhibition booth.
On the other hand, Hanwha Techwin newly introduced its explosion-proof, thermal and stainless-steel cameras to promote safe environment for industrial facility. The cameras are designed to monitor a site and protect an industrial facilities handling chemicals, explosives and flammable materials. Video images of actual installation at sites are provided for better understanding of use.
The IoT PTZ camera, equipped with a beacon scanner, is an urban safety solution that monitors the location information of people or objects within a designated area. When a person or object is out of the area, immediate alarm is activated sending a signal to users to take right measures in early time. This solution is especially useful in preventing accidents for elderly living alone or those suffering from Alzheimer. It can also enhance safe management at construction site by having place information of where workers are currently working at.
Hanwha Techwin’s apartment security solutions was also presented as a part of residential vertical solution. PTZ camera installed at rooftop can monitor all vehicle movements within the apartment complex as well as surrounding area. This makes it easy to secure video footage for use as evidence for potential crimes or accidents. Emergency bell linked to cameras can pinpoint the location where the event occurred so that immediate reaction can be taken while monitoring the scene simultaneously. Vehicle identification through automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) allows checking of vehicle entering and exiting conditions and looking for scratches on a vehicle when customers are claiming for it.
Meanwhile, Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet Series T·X·P·Q·HD+, ‘extraLux’ featured with Hanwha Techwin’s core technology and deep learning technologies caught visitors’ eyes also stood out at ‘SECON 2018’. The S-CERT team(Hanwha Techwin’s dedicated security team) presented at the event helped building reliability and trust with customers.
A Hanwha Techwin stated that “We participated in this exhibition to promote our status as a world leader in video surveillance based on our excellent products and technology,” adding, “‘We MOVE with trust’ with our valued customers and will focused on offering Hanwha Techwin’s advanced technologies and solutions. We also plan to provide value-added services to our customers and fulfill our responsibility as leading video surveillance company in its field to play the role of ‘security guard’ of the smart city.”
SECON is an international security exhibition that showcases the latest solutions in video surveillance, access control and IT security at one place. More than 500 companies from 15 countries participated in this year’s edition.

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