“Clear Viewing Even During Monsoon Season” Hanwha Techwin Releases 4 New Flateye Cameras

“Clear Viewing Even During Monsoon Season” Hanwha Techwin Releases 4 New Flateye Cameras
Ensures unobstructed monitoring in bad weather by removing transparent dome covering the camera.
Many countries, especially Southeast Asian countries, suffer from monsoon. Moisture from heavy rain also often poses an obstacle to CCTV, because the dome cover of certain cameras gets wet and foggy, which hinders clear monitoring.
To resolve this problem, global security company Hanwha Techwin has released four flateye cameras (QNE-6080RV(W) and QNE-7080RV(W)) that provide clear monitoring even against the humidity of the monsoon season. The main feature of the new models is the absence of the dome-shaped transparent cover surrounding the surveillance camera.
2 Megapixel QNE-6080RV(W) and 4 Megapixel QNE-7080RV(W) each have a window cover with a flat surface applied to the front of the lens instead of the dome cover. Removal of the cover resolves the problem of narrowing views due to humidity and ensures clear vision even amid heavy downpour during monsoon. It also mitigates the issue of obstructed viewing due to contamination or scratches on the dome cover.
In addition, the application of a 3.1x (3.2~10mm) electric varifocal lens allows viewing angles to be freely adjusted. An application for optimal viewing angles is thus available for each location to allow broader and more precise monitoring. And thanks to the infrared (IR) light function, the cameras are also highly effective even at night to recognize objects up to 30 meters away.

These cameras also support a variety of intelligent video analytic functions of Hanwha Techwin. Defocus detection notifies the user if the camera is out of focus due to external vibration, and the defogging function corrects the image if the screen is blurry due to fog or smog. When subject identification is impossible due to the darkening of the backlight, the wide dynamic range (WDR) function corrects the image to enable bright and clear object identification.
The removal of the dome means quicker installation since attachment-detachment process can now be eliminated. And the efficient adjustment of monitoring direction even in a fixed state means significantly better management and operation of both cameras.
A source at Hanwha Techwin said, “Intelligent technology for CCTV is important but since these cameras were initially installed for security, it is critical that environmental factors do not disturb the original monitoring function. The key is the extent of clear monitoring possible based on strong durability even in extreme climates with extra high humidity,” adding, “Hanwha Techwin will continue raising its technical capacity to make its products durable under extreme conditions.”

▲ Hanwha Techwin releases four Flateye cameras allowing clear monitoring even against the humidity of monsoon season

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