Hanwha Vision showcases cloud-connected and AI-powered surveillance technologies at ISC West 2024

Hanwha Vision is showcasing its growing ecosystem of cloud-based devices and apps designed to enable on-premise and remote surveillance capabilities, at ISC West 2024, Booth #14025, April 10-12 in Las Vegas. The company will also highlight the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) throughout its product lines.

Combined with business intelligence software and AI-based data analytics, Hanwha Vision is developing solutions to help organizations generate meaningful and actionable insights to drive informed business decisions.

“Security professionals today need new solutions that fit the constantly changing nature of their markets,” said Miguel Lazatin, senior director of marketing, Hanwha Vision America. “Hanwha Vision is constantly listening to its customers, and the results of that collaboration will be on display at ISC West in the form of diverse and powerful cloud- and software-based solutions that address specific business challenges.”

The surveillance industry is increasingly recognizing the cloud’s clear benefits: operational efficiency, system storage, enhanced security, centralized data — all on a platform that flexibly scales to meet an organization’s requirements and resources.

Embracing the cloud “as-a-service” allows users to create intuitive and customized video security deployments that are also simple enough for users to manage on their own. With cloud-based video surveillance, users can benefit from continuous feature updates, regular security patches and lower maintenance costs, among many other benefits.

Cloud-based video surveillance frees users from many of the day-to-day burdens of managing and operating a surveillance operation – while allowing them to adopt an OPEX business model. In addition to saving CapEx costs, organizations can reduce, or even eliminate, their time spent on maintaining hardware infrastructures.


OnCloud is Hanwha Vision’s new direct-to-cloud video management system providing low-latency access to live and recorded video, searchable clips, event notifications, and more. It’s a fully cloud-based solution for monitoring an organization’s locations and assets, whether it’s across a single facility or multiple sites.

OnCloud uses Natural Language Processing to make live viewing and forensic review faster and more accurate. Searching is instant and intuitive – no waiting while a camera uploads from a gateway, an NVR, or an SD card. The results are instantly available. Search results can also be filtered by object classification and attributes.

OnCloud is built with collaboration in mind. Users can invite integrators to share a dashboard view of customer sites to proactively identify potential issues before they arise. During an investigation, collaborators can securely upload documents, images and video files from their phones or other sources to share complete incident details.

OnCloud will launch with support for more than 150 Hanwha Vision camera models of all types, including PTZ, multi-directional and fisheye, plus a range of resolutions, and form factors. ONVIF camera compatibility is seamless via Hanwha Vision’s Cloud Gateway, a compact, PoE-powered appliance. Users can add existing ONVIF cameras, or Hanwha Vision cameras that aren’t direct-to-cloud. Designed for up to 16 cameras, users can scale by adding multiple appliances easily while occupying minimal real estate.


Device Manager Pro is a cloud-based solution that provides device maintenance and system health monitoring capabilities. DM Pro leverages the cloud’s high availability to provide peace of mind to system integrators seeking to maintain their deployments. DMPro delivers near-real-time notifications to users when their camera deployments require attention. DMPro can either be deployed as a standalone system using the Cloud Bridge software or directly integrated with WAVE Sync to pull in information from our cameras and Wisenet WAVE VMS systems. Through DMPro, customers can effortlessly keep their cameras’ firmware up-to-date and maintain the highest cybersecurity practices.


SightMind business intelligence software harnesses the data already being generated by the embedded edge AI analytics in Hanwha Vision cameras. The software processes the metadata and presents it through customizable widgets and charts in a visualized dashboard.

Users can gather data from multiple cameras and sites to generate valuable business insights to support data-driven decisions that can impact the success of their entire operations. SightMind software also offers a view into statistics that optimize the customer experience, increase productivity, and enhance profitability.


FLEX AI has the capability to convert any static object into an AI-trained model that Hanwha Vision‘s P series AI cameras can comprehend. This cloud-based application lets users train objects with as few as 20 images. This solves the challenge of customers having to create their own custom detection models by expanding beyond the typical People and Vehicle recognition to include almost any object possible. FLEX AI connects seamlessly to WAVE Sync to retrieve the latest training video assets, and to existing P series AI cameras to upload trained models.

Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.