Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet P series 2MP AI cameras expand the horizon of AI-based camera

Hanwha Techwin‘s Wisenet P series 2MP AI
cameras expand the horizon of AI-based camera

Hanwha Techwin, a global supplier of security solutions, showcases a technology-intensive line of Wisenet P series AI cameras with five new 2MP models (PNV-A6081RPND-A6081RVPND-A6081RFPNB-A6001PNO-A6081R). Hanwha P series cameras driven by AI-based security technology are catching the eyes of consumers with sharper and clearer images and more advanced video analytics contributing to a better operational efficiency.

Wisenet P Series 2MP AI cameras using AI algorithms disregard movements of unwanted objects such as shadows, animals, or waving trees and reduces false alarm. Wisenet AI cameras generate event alarms only for meaningful objects such as people and vehicles, increasing operational efficiency.

Additionally, new enhancements to the line include WiseNRⅡ noise reduction, which utilizes AI to identify object movement and adjust noise reduction rate for effective ghosting and noise removal. The enhanced people counting functionality precisely counts the number of people crossing the virtual line, making it an optimized tool for efficient space utilization in the COVID-19 era.

WiseStreamⅢ technology is also worth the attention. It controls video quality for each area of the scene to improve storage efficiency. Precisely, it adjusts the video encoder to focus maximum video quality on the detected objects in a scene while scaling back encoding on the rest of the scene. When objects are not detected, it automatically shrinks the bandwidth to cut back data size effectively.

“New models of P series AI cameras offer intelligent and versatile applications, delivering a higher level of image quality, bandwidth efficiency, and detection accuracy,” said an official from Hanwha Techwin. “Benefiting from WiseStreamⅢ compression technology, users can significantly reduce bandwidth and storage costs.”

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