Hanwha Techwin Announces Integration with i2V

Hanwha Techwin Announces Integration

with i2V

Combined offering provides best-in-class & end-to-end solution for both video surveillance as well as video analytics to ensure full customer satisfaction.

INDIA: 6th December 2022: i2V Systems, a global provider of the best-in-class Video Management Software (VMS), AI Based Video Analytics (AI-VAS), Integrated Command & Control Center Application, Integrated Traffic Management/Enforcement System (ITMS/ITES) Application Platform, Facial Recognition Software (FRS), and South Korean camera major Hanwha Techwin have successfully integrated i2V’s video surveillance solutions with Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet series of Cameras. This combined offering is expected to cater and solve increased challenges of security industry.

Hanwha Techwin, a global leader in world class security cameras due to its high performance, quality and value. WISENET network cameras are integrated with i2V’s platform using i2V‘s camera adding module in VMS by auto-discovery mechanism as well as via. Onvif profile S, G, T & M.

With advanced features and accurate results, i2V has derived the enormous market growth over the years. i2V’s open platform allows it’s VMS to integrate with any 3rd party Video Analytics software and it’s Video Analytics software to integrate with any 3rd party VMS application. Due to it’s versatile nature, it adds maximum intelligence to the surveillance applications.

With Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet series of cameras, i2V has addresses real-time solutions for VMS, Integrations (RTSPS, Two-Way Audio, Edge SD card Synchronization), Video Analytics for example- Camera Tampering, Perimeter Tripwire, Video Intrusion Detection, Missing Object/Object Theft Detection, Abandoned Baggage/Object Left Detection, Crowd Detection, License Plate Recognition, Queue Detection, People Counting, Stopped Vehicle Detection, Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier (ATCC) for Highways/Toll Plaza, Fire Detection, Face Recognition System for meeting every sector demands which includes but not limited to Safe and Smart cities, Oil & Gas, Law Enforcement, Defense, Education, Transportation, Industrial, Forest areas.

How does i2V’s VMS & VA Software and Hanwha Techwin’s Cameras integration work?

The i2V’s VMS & VA software which are integrated on same platform regulate the specific information about the video contents captured by the Hanwha cameras. The product analyses real time indication and by using deep learning algorithms & advanced image processing, it supports Suppression (FAST) technology too. Alarms and Events are created in i2V’s VMS while simultaneously video analytics are carried out in a joint platform which helps in creating intelligent decisions and reducing delay time.

Challenges & Solutions:

  1. Automatic and real-time detection of the non-compliance of workers for not wearing PPE in chemical industry: The Combination of Hanwha Camera (XNO-6120R) and i2V’s analytics Solution detects if a Person is wearing a Helmet and a High Visibility Safety Jacket in fraction of seconds in real time through the Surveillance Video feed & gives an Alert in real time if any Person is found to be not wearing or following the PPE Compliance.
  2. AI based real-time crowd detection in oil & gas industry: With combination of Hanwha Camera (XNO-6080R) and i2V analytics, it became quite easy to detect & Classifies a Human/Person within the Field of View of the cameras within the defined area of interest. With i2V analytics, it’s possible to define a user configurable safe distance threshold limit. Therefore, live analytics stream gives real-time distance between moving & idle Person. It generates alerts if set distance limit is violated. It counts the no. of people in the scene & gives alert in case crowd count exceeds the input threshold value.
  3. AI based real-time fire and smoke detection in oil and gas industry: With combination of Hanwha Camera (QNB-8002) and i2V’s Fire & smoke detection technology has further strengthen the IP video surveillance solutions. It works using advanced Image processing and pattern recognition algorithm. This analytic has been tested on a wide variety of scenarios ranging from normal indoor mild fire to forest fires. It alerts the user the intensity and duration of the alert. i2V’s False Alarm Suppression Technology (FAST) further helps in adding more reliability to this Video Analytic.
  4. Automatic and real-time intrusion detection in power industry: With combination of Hanwha camera (XNB-8000) and i2V’s intrusion detection module, it became quite simple to allow the user to set the activity threshold depending on what the user wants to monitor. The algorithm analyses the video frames and outputs the location of moving targets within the frame. i2V’s intrusion detection module has the capability to set the sensitivity for the indoor or outdoor conditions to avoid any false alarms.
  5. Ingenious Integration Solutions: i2V supports various kind of integrations with
    Hanwha cameras which includes Edge Synchronization (saving the camera recordings over the memory card in case of network failure and send the recordings back to VMS when the network connects again), Two Way audio tuning (in case of any event, from control room voice messages can be broadcast with the help of speaker attached to the camera), Secure RTSPS Integration (all the camera stream which are transmitted from camera to VMS are protected & free from any kind of intrusion attacks)
  6. Tested VIDS applications: With Hanwha Camera (QNO-7012R) and (QND-6082R), i2V has tested camera integration with VIDS applications which supports all the features. It is possible to generate report of all the events though bar and line charts. Also, it is easy to get & view snapshots of each event and further clicking on event supports playing recording of that time period. Both offline and Real time analytics options are available along with option to configure E-mail or SMS.
“i2V’s believes in customer satisfaction and therefore precision and performance are embedded in our core ecosystem. We provide best-in class video surveillance software to safeguard customer’s premises, assets & valuables. with integration of Hanwha Techwin cameras, we are able to get crystal‐clear HD, Full HD & Ultra HD Video footage which became a solid foundation to rely on all types of video solution’s” stated, Sumit Aggarwal, Director, i2V Systems Pvt. Ltd., India.


Acknowledging the recent integration with I2V , the Head of Products & Marketing, Hanwha Techwin India, Soumik Ghosh said, “Wisenet brand of camera, recorder and its video management software suite is a well-known brand with end users , consultants and system integrators for providing efficient performance, high resolution and highly reliable premium technologies worldwide for over 30 years. With our recent integration secured with I2V, we are confident of delivering a superior one-stop solution to our customers.”



Acknowledging the recent integration with I2V, the Country Manager, Hanwha Techwin India, Ajay Dubey said “we are committed to bring world class solution to its customers. Our recent integration efforts with I2V VMS & VA solution provides customer a unique combination of edge based VA and on premise VA being made available on a single platform”

Media Contacts: 

For i2V

Sumit Aggarwal, sumit.aggarwal@i2vsys.com

For Hanwha Techwin   

Soumik Ghosh, Soumik.ghosh@hanwha.com

About Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin is a subsidiary of Hanwha Corporation, a South Korean based company. Hanwha Techwin offers total security solutions which encompass cameras, recording solutions, video management software and compression technologies. Hanwha Techwin has solidified its leadership position in security solutions by building self-developed SoC chipset along with the optical, manufacturing and image-processing technologies accumulated over 30 years. Now, Hanwha Techwin is preparing for the future by continuously investing in AI and cyber security in order to provide convenient and safe security solutions to customers. With the representative brand Wisenet, Hanwha Techwin will strive to serve security solutions that customers can trust. For more information about Hanwha Techwin, please visit our website


About i2V Systems Pvt. Ltd.

i2V stands for Intelligent Integrated Video. i2V is a technology R&D company focusing on design, development and production of Intelligent Surveillance products. i2V specializes in development of Proactive Video Surveillance products with an aim of providing high quality software engineering solutions to clients worldwide. i2V software is most suitable for systems that require integration with multiple vendor devices, access control systems and a range of other security devices and applications. i2V’s open architecture gives flexibility to integrate command & control and situation management parameters within its video platform.

i2V is Number One VMS Solution provider in India. i2V believes in customer satisfaction and therefore precision and performance are of utmost important to us. For more information, please visit our website www.i2vsys.com.

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Hanwha Vision is the leader in global video surveillance with the world's best optical design / manufacturing technology and image processing technology focusing on video surveillance business for 30 years since 1990.