Buyer’s Choice Awards 2018 : Hanwha Vision - Global Vision Solution Provider
製品 Buyer’s Choice Awards 2018

2019.03.21 0 Buyer’s Choice Awards 2018 Buyer’s Choice Awards 2018 has announced the winners of its 2018 Buyers’ Choice Awards and Hanwha Techwin is delighted to report that the Wisenet PNM-9081VQ 20 Megapixel Multi-directional 360˚ camera is among the winners of the Network Cameras category.
The winners are selected by the voting results among Security buyers and system integrators; they are given the opportunity to vote for the cameras to rank their popularity and usability in different project. At the same time, also takes into consideration which products gained the most visitor traffic on their website product pages.
The Wisenet PNM-9081VQ has four 5megapixel sensors which makes it able to seamlessly capture 360 degree images of up to 20 megapixel resolution. It also offers triple codec H.265/H.264/MJPEG, combined with Hanwha Techwin’s unique video compression technology WiseStream II, to provide ultimate storage management without sacrificing image quality. As well as benefiting from lower installation and maintenance costs, end-users are able to avoid incurring the higher capital costs of deploying multiple separate cameras to cover an area.