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Ideal choice for smart retail management, QCO (Quick CheckOut)

What is QCO?

The (Quick CheckOut) by Hanwha Vision is a vision-based barcode recognition and unmanned checkout solution in retail settings. The has customer-friendly user interface (UI) for quick and convenient checkout process. Its high level of  interoperability and reliability under any circumstances as well as cost efficiency provide superior value with customers. Hanwha Vision’s integrated security solution not only supports secure store operation but also offers store management solutions optimized for any retail environment.

In-store productivity

Meet the needs for contactless shopping

Enhance the quality of
customer service

Simplify purchasing process

How QCO can benefit you and your customers

Store operators

Lower operating cost 

with check out process

Contactless shopping environment 

for customers

Faster check outs reduce 

customer waiting time

Better use of human resources 

(ex. More staff to enhance in-store services)


Easy and simple
purchasing process

Better shopping experience with customer-friendly user interface

Satisfying in-store experience 

with faster check outs

Protect privacy 

with less contact with staff

QCO solution benefits

‘Quick and convenient barcode recognition technology’ enables faster check out

Image based barcode reading technology is adopted for quick and convenient identification of barcodes on each items.

 reduces checkout time by up to 50% compared to regular self-serve scanner checkout, based on internal performance test.
 decreases the wait times, resulting in more pleasant shopping experience and a faster checkout process.

Maximizing profit by cost efficiency

The  has superior interoperability with previously installed POS systems, lowering any additional costs. With , employees and cashiers at checkout counters can be deployed to other roles to enhance in-store services. Cost reduction leads to better business operation.

‘Store management analysis solution’ based on data

With Business Intelligence, managers can utilize data such as the number of visitors, popular products, and visiting time to establish strategies for store management.