Smart city tech trends in Vietnam

Driven by ambitious urbanization and digital transformation initiatives, Vietnam is experiencing a significant push to integrate technology and enhance the quality of life for citizens in densely populated areas. By leveraging new technologies, data integration, and advanced analytics, smart cities help manage traffic, public services, safety, and security, while driving economic and environmental initiatives.

Cities and provinces across Vietnam are actively developing smart city programs. Notably, Hanoi was recently named among the world’s 100 smartest cities in the 2024 Smart City Index, which ranks cities based on their use of advanced technology to improve citizen lives. Additionally, Ho Chi Minh City has announced plans to become a smart city by 2030.

To understand the evolving needs of Vietnam’s smart city initiatives, we spoke to Ta Quang Huy, Country Manager (Sales Team) for Hanwha Vision Vietnam, to gain insights into the specific technological demands shaping the market.

Decoding Vietnam’s smart city needs

Hanwha Vision has long recognized Vietnam’s market potential. Their commitment to the country is evident by their 15-year presence and the establishment of a manufacturing facility in 2017. This allows them to collaborate closely with channel partners and various end-users, including government entities, manufacturers, and the commercial segment including five-star hotels and resorts.

Over the years, city surveillance became a core strength for Hanwha Vision, with its involvement in numerous provincial projects across the country. “Vietnam faces major traffic challenges, and the government is prioritizing traffic monitoring and safety. It all starts with safety, and then it becomes smarter with technology,” Mr. Huy explains.

According to Mr. Huy, a critical aspect of Vietnam’s smart city vision is enhancing public safety and security. This focus is reflected in the growing demand for robust city surveillance solutions, but the needs extend beyond just hardware.

Technology to drive smarter, safer cities

Fueled by Vietnam’s significant traffic congestion, the government is prioritizing traffic monitoring solutions to enhance urban safety. “Hanwha Vision has been growing alongside this market,” said Mr. Huy. “We offer AI and cloud services, and even built a customized solution specifically for Vietnam’s traffic monitoring segment.”

These AI-powered systems analyze traffic patterns in real time, identifying traffic violations, bottlenecks and congestion points. This data is then utilized to optimize traffic flow and overall efficiency. The Hanwha Vision platform offers real-time insights, enabling authorities to effectively monitor infrastructure and respond to emergencies.

Integration and customization

Seamless integration of various solutions and the ability to customize them for local needs is crucial for effective operations. Mr. Huy emphasized this need, highlighting Hanwha Vision‘s open platform VMS which easily integrates with other smart city components for a more cohesive urban ecosystem.

Furthermore, customization emerges as a crucial element, especially for specific sectors like law enforcement. “Our software is quite well known in the U.S. and Europe for its simplicity and ease of use. But Vietnam uses different standards than other countries, so we have to do customization for our customers,” said Mr. Huy. “In Vietnam, the police department is in charge of operating all city surveillance cameras, and they set the camera standards. We, the manufacturers, must comply with those standards.”

Training and Support

With AI and cybersecurity growing in importance in the market, Hanwha Vision realizes the importance of building a strong partner program to equip the Vietnamese market. “Partners and customers experience staff changes, and organizations themselves continuously change and adapt. That’s why we offer e-learning modules, an offline learning system and frequent customer training and partner events in Vietnam,” said Mr. Huy.

The Hanwha Vision Singapore team has conducted meaningful technical training for customers in Southeast Asia, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Participants reported high satisfaction with the hands-on training experience with actual products during the sessions. To further enhance accessibility, Hanwha Vision recently launched a new learning system (LMS), making it convenient to take the training online.


Vietnam’s smart city journey is driven by a desire for a more sustainable and secure urban future. As technology continues to evolve, so too will the demands of these projects. Companies like Hanwha Vision, with their commitment to understanding local needs and providing adaptable solutions, are well-positioned to play a vital role in shaping the future of Vietnam’s smart cities.

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